Welcome to the Odom experience. Since our founding in 1985, Odom + Associates, LLC has provided informative and entertaining human resource development consultant services to a wide range of organizations, including Fortune 50 corporations, universities, school systems, conferences and conventions, churches and other nonprofits. Odom + Associates, LLC seeks to provide speaking, training and planning services for your organization or event.

The lecturer should give the audience full reason to believe that all his (or her) powers have been exerted for their pleasure and instruction.
Michael Faraday

Learning need not be boring. Adult learning experiences tend to be concentrated and intense – usually conducted against several work and family related priorities. As such, learning sessions should respect the intellectual, emotional and physical needs of participants to become enrolled and engaged. Odom + Associates honors those diverse needs by incorporating “good teaching” techniques and features in our events, including intellectual challenges, humor, poetry, movement, participatory activities, opportunities for dialogue and inquiry and audio-visuals. Depending on needs expressed by clients, we incorporate a variety of group process strategies, including: small and large groups, group facilitation, simulations, training tapes, decision-making via “consensus voting”, polarizations, individual and group personality profiles, survey research, assessments and tests.

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