Saving Black America

An Economic Plan for Civil Rights

By John Yancy Odom, Ph.D.

Saving Black America tackles the problems facing Black America from the highest level; from the group’s worldview or group-wide outlook on its condition and hopes. As a result, Dr. Odom has concluded that the dominant current plan or worldview is that of protest (the legislative-protest model). Further, Odom declares that, while there is a place for it, too heavy a reliance on protest is central to the problems faced by Black Americans. Dr. Odom acknowledges the fact that there is near unanimity that economic development is the route of choice for contemporary civil rights, and he also acknowledges that there is no collective plan to harness economic development as a civil rights strategy – until Saving Black America.

Saving Black America:

  • Analyzes the current state of Black America’s worldview
  • Lays the groundwork for the development of a new, economically-based worldview
  • Offers a new dream for Black America
  • Proposes a new economically-based model for Black civil rights
  • Applies the model to current problems, including education and criminal justice
  • Offers a unique perspective on reparations
  • Challenges others to think strategically

Dr. John Y. Odom, consultant and civil rights leader, is the President of Odom + Associates, LLC and is President of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute, Inc. a nonprofit founded to advance the planning and implementation of a new model for civil rights.

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John Odom is onto something; something significant. I highly recommend this book to all people who are interested in the advancement of our race.

– George C. Fraser, Author
Pres/CEO, Frasernet

Saving Black America represents an overdue renewal of Black pride. The structure of Black economic self-reliance promoted by John Odom codifies ideas that many forward-thinking individuals have discussed for years. This book is a breakthrough.

– Oscar Robertson
NBA Hall of Famer, Entrepreneur

Dr. Odom’s treatise extends the steps of revolutionary Black thinkers. Saving Black

America represents a significant contribution toward realizing the dream, thereby a leap forward for the race.

– Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks
Past National Exec. Director, NAACP

I went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore to order a (different) book… I was browsing through the shelves and came across your book “Saving Black America”. After scanning through the table of contents, I could not put it down, purchased it and completed it in 1.5 days. This is a powerful book, and your examples of the “Caisses Populaires” and the American Jewish Federations and what we can learn from them are right on point. I also agree with your framework for a new model that we must adopt in order to build a firm economic base…Your book is an amazing work which demands to be read by every Black person, and I have already insisted that every person on my Board and in my circle of influence obtain and read it.

– Patrick J. Jackson, Chairman/CEO

GroupCapital-Atlanta…this work is inspired. I mean that in the original sense of the word – it is God breathed! I have rarely been moved by anything I’ve read outside the Scriptures!

– Valarie Bailey, Terre Haute, Indiana

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